• Block Comments

Block comments are used to provide descriptions of files, methods, data structures and algorithms. Block comments may be used at the beginning of each file and before each method. They can also be used in other places, such as within methods. Block comments inside a function or method should be indented to the same level as the code they describe.

A block comment should be preceded by a blank line to set it apart from the rest of the code.

     * Here is a block comment.
  • Single-Line Comments

Short comments can appear on a single line indented to the level of the code that follows. If a comment can’t be written in a single line, it should follow the block comment format. A single-line comment should be preceded by a blank line. Here’s an example of a single-line comment in Java code.

    if (condition) {

        /* Handle the condition. */
  • Trailing Comments

Very short comments can appear on the same line as the code they describe, but should be shifted far enough to separate them from the statements. If more than one short comment appears in a chunk of code, they should all be indented to the same tab setting.

Here’s an example of a trailing comment in Java code:

    if (a == 2) {
        return TRUE;            /* special case */
    } else {
        return isPrime(a);      /* works only for odd a */
  • End-Of-Line Comments

The // comment delimiter can comment out a complete line or only a partial line. It shouldn’t be used on consecutive multiple lines for text comments; however, it can be used in consecutive multiple lines for commenting out sections of code. Examples of all three styles follow:

    if (foo > 1) {

        // Do a double-flip.
    else {
        return false;          // Explain why here.
    //if (bar > 1) {
    //    // Do a triple-flip.
    //    ...
    //else {
    //    return false;

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