Connect raspberry pi over ssh using mac os x

Well first of all today i succeeded to connect my raspberry pi over ssh. First of all you need following things to do that

1. 1 cross over cable (RJ45 connector)
2. X11 from here

well lets discuss some problem that i faced.

1. First of all if you are accessing you pi for the first time make sure that your pi is already ssh enabled
i am using Soft-float Debian “wheezy”. In this OS ssh is enabled by default.

2. I am guessing that you don’t have a LCD monitor !. So how can you tell that your pi is running successfully and will connect over ssh. Well you cant. So in my case i couldn’t connect to my pi. So i connect to my old analogue TV to see whats actually going wrong. Then i saw … my pi keeps restarting -_- hmm so tried different power cable and yes it worked. (I used my mac usb port to power my pi)

3. Go to your mac network preference, from the left hand side select Ethernet and chose IPv4 configuration type DHCP

Now i am hoping your pi up and running now follow the steps bellow.

1. Open X11
2. Click X11 -> Preference -> Output -> put a tick on Full-screen mode
3. Open Terminal from Applications or command + n
4. ssh -X pi@ip_address_of_your_pi [example: pi@]
to get the ip address type following command from inside pi Terminal [you can use analogue TV to do this]

inet addr:ip_address_of_your_pi

another way is to simply write the following command from X11 Terminal

netstat -rn -finet

if you are having trouble to access the pi with your IP, then turn of your mac Ethernet and turn on again.

5. Password


6. For accessing GUI session


Thanks for reading 🙂