Photography FAQ

1. What camera do you normally use ?
=> Most of the time i use Canon 7d mark 2. I also use my phone HTC m8.
2. What kind of photography do you like ?
=> Portraiture
3. What lens you use most often ?
=> 50mm
4. Are you studying photography?
=> no, completely self taught.
5. Do you carry your camera all time?
=> yes.
6. What tools you use ?
Canon 7D Mark 2
Lens 50mm (prime) and 18-135mm (zoom)
UV filter 49 mm and 67mm
Tripod Dolica Proline B100
Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control
Lowepro Transit Backpack 350 AW
7. Can you take my photo ?
=> yes, contact me for details. (
8. Can I take photos with you?
=> I am not sure about that if i am free then definitely.
9. What tool you use for editing ?
=> Adobe Lightroom, Instagram, VSCO, InstaSize
10. Portfolio ?