Android SDK problem on Windows 7

One week ago while trying to download from Android SDK in Windows 7 on my friend pc, i saw an error that it couldn’t download the files from Android Code repository. So search i on google and found a solution.

1. Write click on the Eclipse icon and click run as administrator and launch the SDK manager
2. Or You can follow the same thing for SDK manager directly

Later i found that if your software have some issues with writing data on computer try to follow the above method.
Same goes for your custom .bat or .cmd file.


The Uniform Server (or UniServer) is a free open source WAMP package for Microsoft Windows.

1. To set operating system compatibility for uniserver. Right click on UniController.exe >> compatibility >> compatibility mode.
2. The host domain is localhost (IP:
3. It shows the default page index.php which is in www folder.
4. To accsess mysql from cmd
[you have to add the path UniServer\udrive\usr\local\mysql\bin in environment variables]

mysql --user=root --password=root

Few commands


5. To create a database and see the table

Create database databasename;
Use database;
DESCRIBE tabelname;

6. Delete all data in the table

TRUNCATE TABLE tablename; or
DELETE FROM tablename;