Work on progress

Hello everyone.

Today i am gonna talk about my new upcoming projects.

1. oblivion

Well by using the python programme you can determine total lines of any file. The main goal of the project is that, i wanted to know how many lines of code i wrote so far.

2. Tech History

I am gonna put small description of tech giants like IBM, Google, Apple etc.

Enjoy 🙂

Android Time Class

Get Old Month Using Time Class

// Author: Mahbub


just provide the month, year and day and get previous dates

Since Time class does not provides months and day name, you have to do that by yourself

public void oldDate(int month, int year, int day) {

    oldDay = 1; // here i did not vary the old months date

    String s;
    for (int i = 1; i <= 5; ++i) { // i am fetching last 5 month data
        if (month == -1) {
            month = 11;
            year = year - 1;

        oldYear = year;
        oldMonth = month;
        Time old = new Time();
        old.set(oldDay, oldMonth, oldYear);
        s = "Month of "+old.month+ +old.year;
        // update