Learning Terminal (OS X) Part 2: Starting

How to open Terminal, well there are several ways to do that

1. Open spotlight (cmd + space) and write terminal (like Windows + r then cmd)
2. Open Launchpad and then under Utilities you have terminal
3. Keep the terminal in the Dock
4. Make keyboard shortcut

Now if you want any help regarding any commands

man yourCommand
man ls

If you want to change the Terminal look, go to Preferences (cmd + ,) and change it your own way. You can set a background image also 😛

To exit the terminal with exit command
1. Terminal -> Preferences -> Settings
2. Go to Shell
3. Under “When the shell exits”
4. Select close if the shell exited cleanly

Share folders between Ubuntu and mac running in Virtualbox

MAC OS X Lion (Host OS) and Ubuntu 11.04 (Guest OS).

1. Open VM and go to tab Devices -> Shared Folders
2. In the right hand side find the add folder button and click it
3. In the folder path filed select other and browse your folder that you want to share
4. Then then check Auto-mount and Make Permanent and hit ok
5. Shutdown the VM
6. Start the VM and create a folder like vbox in the Ubuntu Desktop
7. open the Terminal from ubuntu and write the following two commands

umask && id
sudo mount.vboxsf -o umask=xxx,gid=yyy,uid=zzz shared_folder-name_in_your_mac full_path_of_vbox_ubuntu 

10. fill xxx = your umask, yyy = your gid, zzz = your uid

Hmm now check folder vbox 🙂